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Booking Soraya Pepe Hijaber

"Providing delicious donuts with a distinctive delicious taste that you can feel when you are at the hotel, or accompany you on a trip, or become a special menu at your fun casual gathering party/event with your friends. Get and Enjoy the donuts with your friends"

Soraya Pepe

Special Donuts Cake


👇Available for👇:
👙 Hotel Room Service 🩱
One-time service. Specially For 1 to 20 men depending on the size of the room

💃 Event/party Entertainer 🍕
Outdoor/Indoor events for a few days. Specially to entertain 1 to more than 100 people in attendance depending on the party being held

✈ Accompany the Journey 🚗
Especially to accompany you during your trip to any destination

🎥 Photography Model 📷
Especially for any style shooting on request. Stylish indoor/outdoors. Stylish in the natural. Ready to style a beautiful girl model without clothes, etc

🪑 Others On Request 🧷
ALL via: Send PM

Currently working on a contract with a shift system (changing hours and positions) as: a Shop Waiter, a Cafe Resto Waiter, and Hotel Room Service at one of the local business owned by the entrepreneur.

I usually post in Indonesian Language, but i post here using english with the help of google translate. More about me in My Bio ID Bahasa Indonesia.

Customers Satisfaction


More than 50 people in attendance

Very fun and very exciting

  • "I had a truly amazing time at this event, and everybody in our crew is hoping that it becomes an routine event. Thank you for entertaining and satisfying us, it was so great to get hang time with you and I hope you can fill in our next regular events ❤️" ~Joy Stick


Enjoying Delicious Donuts in a Hotel Room

Enjoyed and Turned Alternate By 5 Men

"I really like the taste of her delicious donuts. . it's really delicious to enjoy while relaxing in a hotel room. I even invited 4 other close friends of mine to come to the hotel I rented, and then we were very happy together and satisfied enjoying her delicious donuts" ~Mas Baron


By Enjoying her Donuts

Bored too Gone

"Usually I will be a little depressed if I get an assignment from a company that requires me to go out of town. Because it will be very tedious and tiring, but after finding the right way, it is very fun for out of town assignments, because I am always accompanied by a beautiful sweet girl during the trip. And at every hotel or inn I can rest while enjoying a delicious donut" ~Antonio


More than 35 people in attendance

Very Exciting and Satisfying

"It was the biggest crowd event we ever played to, our event becomes more lively with her presence, everyone feels satisfaction" ~Koko Yan


Name: Soraya Pepe

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E-mail: soraya.pepe@yahoo.com

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You are here » Easy Open Booking Sayalagi - Create Your Booking Time » Booking Soraya Pepe Hijaber